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For Individuals
We take pride in offering our individual customers a convenient, fast, and safe service, which successfully withstands competition on the cryptocurrency market. We value personal approach towards every incoming client, and would never leave any of your questions unanswered.
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For Businesses
For any legal entity, willing to sign up to using the services of RocketBit, we offer reasonable commission, quick onboarding procedure, and a dedicated manager who would ensure that the document submission process would go as smooth as possible.
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  • Simple interface
  • Purchase using your credit card
  • Quick and secure transactions
  • Cold storage wallet
It really is that simple! Look, just a piece of cake!
Recent reviews from our customers
Good project
reviewed by
I happy......
reviewed by
I've had some trouble with logging in, support solved that problem patiently and politely. I highly recommend this service
reviewed by
tank you brow bagus apk y
reviewed by
lets try to win free crypto good luck everyone the registration is easy and fast lets get started to trade crypto
reviewed by
Easy to use and very simple.
reviewed by
Fast and secure
reviewed by
Easy to use and always reliable ! No down time in crucial moments like other platforms.
reviewed by
Great user experience. Intuitive and user friendly. Great way to trafe cryptocurrency. Amazing that they organized giveaway for users.
reviewed by
Very trustworthy service provider. Only issue is the high rates.
reviewed by
An app where you can buy freely majority of cryptos! It’s safe and easy to use.
reviewed by
Simple and easy to use, decent amount of cryptos available. Could benefit show also showing your profit and loss graphs, can't find this in the current Web and mobile app. Overall decent enough for basic purchases and swapping of crypto.
reviewed by
Thanks very much
reviewed by
Support team is the best helper for customers. Very quick and professional answers for all my issues. Thanks a lot!
reviewed by
A trusted exchange for me. The commission are high, but you could work directly with USD, not USDT. Stop-loss orders are missing. In general it's lightweight and nice to use for easy tasks
reviewed by
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